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10 Ways Nutritional Supplements are Important with Weight Loss and Weight Control

Are you skeptical about the value and importance of vitamins and nutritional supplements? If so, this book is a MUST READ for you. Learn 10 ways vitamins and nutritional supplements help you lose unwanted body weight and how they help you control your weight.

Dietary supplements have received so much attention as “helpers” in losing weight and some are even pushed as “miracle cures.” Current research has shown that vitamins and minerals can be beneficial, and certain supplements are useful with a program of reduced energy intake (calories). Learn how the change in the food you eat, along with the resulting change in your body weight, composition and proportions, causes changes in the body’s internal workings known as the metabolic processes. These processes require vitamins and minerals for proper function and can benefit from certain nutritional supplements.


List of the table of contents

  1. Vitamins and minerals that help you shed unwanted weight.
  2. How vitamins can turn carbohydrates into energy and breakdown fats and proteins.
  3. Learn how the vitamins shown to be most important for weight loss and weight control as well as overall health, work.
  4. Does vitamin B12 promote weight loss?
  5. Read the review of current research about the importance of vitamin D.
  6. Learn how Calcium intake has direct impact on your weight loss and weight control efforts.
  7. Learn why it is important to take your nutritional supplements throughout the day.
  8. Understand the importance of the supervision of a healthcare professional when taking supplements while losing or controlling weight.
  9. Discover how nutritional supplements, weight loss and control, along with exercise are knit together.
  10. Bigger and heavier people, have been shown to take fewer nutritional supplements than their lighter, slighter counterparts. This could be dangerous.

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