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Meet the Sinister Active Fat who Lives in Your Belly Fat

Belly fat cells can go bad. We know that belly fat is incredibly active. Learn how typical fat cells become active fat and affects our health.

Active fat is busily attacking our bodies from the comfort of our bellies and is constantly doing vicious things. While we think it is just sitting there doing nothing, it actually kicks out loads of chemicals that affect the other cells and functions of the body. These belly fat chemicals bombard cells so they cannot respond properly to insulin, causing the pancreas to go into overdrive. Belly fat chemicals lead to long lasting inflammation, increased blood pressure, cause fat to be accumulated in the arteries and ultimately lead to blockages in the arteries. Belly fat makes more of our cells divide leading to cancer. Watch this interesting and entertaining video from the UK’s leading health charities.


Watch the Video Belly Fat Cells Go Bad

Belly Fat Cells Go Bad
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