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6 Key Changes Inside With Weight Loss and Nutrition Changes

Are you tired of hearing the same old news that losing weight improves our body size and portions? Find out 6 key changes that take place when you lose weight and why this is important to you. This is a must read to help understand our bodies.

Is metabolism a culprit? How does replacing carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates affect the size and portions of the body? Lean mass (lean muscle) changes affect weight loss, find out what that means. What physiological changes occur in the cardiovascular (heart) system as your body carries less weight which chronic health conditions are at reduced risk and possibly prevented with weight loss. Exercise, what really changes, when you exercise?
Read this book for the answers!


List of the table of contents

  1. Metabolisms link to weight loss and weight control.
  2. Nutrition changes and how they affect the size and potions of our body.
  3. Lean Mass (lean muscle) changes affect weight loss.
  4. Physiological Changes in the cardiovascular (heart) system with weight change.
  5. What the chronic diseases weight loss will help prevent?
  6. The truth about the affect exercise makes on lean muscle, our risk of disease and weight control.

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