Weight Control FAQ's

There are many misperceptions and misunderstandings about healthy weight loss. We hope the following will help clear up any questions you might have.

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Objection: Weight loss (control) programs are a cash grab. With other programs, every time I turned around, I was getting hit with extra fees. I couldn’t afford it anymore.

Answer: Some of them are. At ChiQue Pharma, we believe managing weight is a multifaceted complex undertaking that can be very successful with comprehensive intervention. As we say here, “It’s a journey, not a sprint.” Let us help you navigate that journey with ongoing support, realistic expectations and a personalized plan suited to you and your lifestyle. Going it on 'one’s own’ can be very discouraging and unsuccessful—you’re worth investing in the journey.

Our programs are inclusive—your membership fee includes all support, counseling sessions and supplements. We provide receipts suitable for individuals with extended health plans. Ultrasonic sculpting and aesthetic treatments are the only treatments not included in your membership fee, however you can take advantage of ultrasonic sculpting discounts when you purchase your ChiQue Pharma membership.

Question: What difference do the Natural Health Product Supplements really make? (Don’t they just end up in my urine?)

Answer: The ChiQue program, including the supplements is backed by scientific evidence. Using their expertise and experience in healthcare, nutrition and weight management, our healthcare professonals have developed supplements designed to assist with weight management and ensure you stay healthy while losing weight. Published research has found natural health products are able to positively improve and help change the actions of fat cells, helping support weight loss and control. These supplements have a great potential to help the process of reversing the development of overweight and obesity-related diseases and health issues.

Objection: All weight loss programs are the same, a standard program for everyone.

Answer: There are many differences between each of the commercial weight loss programs and we can’t comment on their benefits or shortcomings. ChiQue shines as a breath of fresh air, helping clients eliminate the burden of weight control through a comprehensive long-term intervention. We do things differently here, using a common sense, realistic approach to weight loss and weight control.

Objection: I need to lose weight but it is too much money; I can’t afford ChiQue.

Answer for >30 pounds overweight: Is it possible that you can afford not to control your weight? Are you tired of feeling this way? Ill-health and injuries due to being overweight or obese can quickly add up and may need costly treatments. What’s worse is, if you become ill or injured and don’t take care to properly heal yourself, then the illness or injury becomes a chronic problem, which leads to worsening states of health. If you invest in yourself and take care of controlling your weight now, you can feel better, improve your health and really reduce your risk of health problems as a result of your weight.

Answer for up to 30 pounds overweight: If you haven’t been able to lose the XXX pounds that you wish to shed, it will become harder over time to shed those pounds because your body gets used to being this weight. The more often you lose some or all of the pounds and regain them back, the harder it is on your body. You are hurting yourself with yo-yo dieting or not losing the weight at all. Since excess weight leads to injury or ill-health, invest in yourself today, you’ll feel better and you’re worth it.

Objection: I don’t have time to take on the ChiQue program, I’m too busy.

Answer: We can design the program to suit your lifestyle. Ideally, we like to see clients 3x per week initially—we’ve found this to be the most effective way for our clients to lose the weight and keep it off. But if you can’t do that, we can meet with you via Skype or by phone.

The best way to manage this journey is to take it on as your primary project for the next 6 months. After attending our initial consultations and receiving the program that best suits you, we set up your series of consultation appointments and can register you for the Evening Events. This commitment is just for 6 months, and the benefits are for the rest of your life. After the first 6 months your habits will be modified and you can become an annual member, practicing what you learned and accessing the Clinic as you need to.

ChiQue Pharma provides options to fit your lifestyle:

    One-on-one support in person, or through Skype or by phone
    Group sessions
    Fitness support and advice
    Therapeutic counseling
    Nutritional counseling and supplements

Objection: I’ve been down this road already with other plans and they didn’t work. What’s different about ChiQue Pharma?

Answer: At Calgary weight loss and weight control clinic ChiQue Pharma, we take a personalized approach to weight loss for each of our clients. Our weight loss and control strategies look at your body composition and the tissue composition of the weight lost. ChiQue’s unique programs don’t focus just on weigh scales.

The ChiQue weight control interventions are aimed toward fat loss, especially belly fat (visceral fat), and the preservation of lean mass (muscle mass). There’s a science behind permanent weight loss and we understand how it works. Real, lasting weight loss and weight control is about practical tools, combined with community support and professional help. We have a team of healthcare professionals to support you through your weight loss and weight control program. ChiQue also offers assistance through group sessions, therapy and fitness advice.

Question: Do I have to come to the Clinic for all of my consultations?

Answer: ChiQue Pharma is set up to connect and consult with their clients by SKYPE or telephone. While it is important that you attend consultations at the Clinic a minimum of once per week, we will happily connect with you by phone or SKYPE in between those appointments.

Question: Can I claim this on my extended health plan insurance?

Answer: With our services we provide receipts suitable for individuals with extended health plans.

Question: Do you talk with my personal physician?

Answer: We encourage communication with your physician. This is discussed with you at your first appointment when we establish your preference regarding communicating with your doctor. It is often very helpful for your physician to know that you have enrolled in a weight control program. After our medication review and overall health analysis, if we come across information we feel would be helpful for your physician to know about, we recommend we inform your physician of our findings.

Question: How are pharmacists helpful with weight loss and weight control?

Answer: Repeatedly, surveys show that pharmacists are the most trusted professionals followed by doctors. Trust is an important component in weight loss and weight control since they are very personal matters. Pharmacists have an extensive knowledge of health and wellness, disease risks and disease states, pharmaceuticals and natural health products as well as physiological testing including laboratory tests. Pharmacists, who have extended their learning and passion into weight control and weight management, contribute countless benefits to weight loss and weight control programs.

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