Our ultrasonic sculpting machine is approved by Health Canada and has a medical device license. And it's enjoyable--our experienced ChiQue aestheticians deliver sculpting treatments in a soothing environment.

Ultrasonic Sculpting/Aesthetic Treatments

What can I do about the bumpy, loose skin that just won't go away, even when I lose weight?

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Ultrasonic Treatment croppedChiQue Pharma Weight Control Clinic offers Ultrasonic Sculpting treatments. When gravity, age and skin type gang up on you, often no amount of exercise and/or healthy weight management can get rid of those pockets of fat or loose skin.

Our easy, painless Ultrasonic Sculpting program is a healthy and non-invasive aesthetic treatment for loose, dimply and bumpy skin, including cellulite. It’s an ideal option for anyone who can’t get rid of that pesky extra flesh and bumpy skin, and the treatments require minimal recovery time. 

Even active people find, no matter how much they exercise, jog or how many tummy crunches they do, there may be areas where stubborn fat has accumulated, especially as we age. Our aesthetic ultrasonic machines apply ultrasonic radio frequency contouring the body in these problem areas and significantly reduce the outer appearance of saggy, drooping skin, and cellulite. Non-invasive ultrasonic treatment is much safer than invasive and risky surgical procedures.

How does it work?

How does it work?

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A perfect solution for body contouring, and improving bumpy, loose skin and cellulite, ChiQue Ultrasonic Sculpting is both pain-free and fast. It is an effective, safe, lower cost alternative to invasive liposuction.


Membership Program

Is it included in my weight-loss program membership?

We offer a reduction in the cost of ultrasonic sculpting treatments if you purchase a group of sessions when you purchase your membership. Or, you can purchase ultrasonic sculpting treatments separately from your membership when you are ready to get rid of your bumpy, loose skin.


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