NEW -- ChiQue Pharma At Home Weight Loss Program

Are you ready to lose weight? Have you tried everything and just want to get on with it?
No time to check-in, weigh-in and attend guidance appointments?
Lose weight and get your verve back.

ChiQue Pharma has just the program for you. The ChiQue Pharma At Home Weight Loss Program gives you the core information for your journey, through weight loss, better health and verve (improved healthy energy).

Visit ChiQue Pharma Calculate Your Health to help you set your goals.

Had enough of battling your weight?

Freedom from the ongoing war with your body and the weigh scale can be yours. Start wearing your favourite clothes again, enjoy mealtime with your family instead of obsessing about what they are eating and what you can't eat, stop hating yourself and your behaviour....

How do ChiQue Pharma’s Weight Loss and Weight Control Plans work?

At Calgary weight loss and weight control clinic ChiQue Pharma, we provide realistic programs without the hype of nonsense. We’ve all seen the infomercials promising big weight loss in a few days or rock-hard abs in 1-2 minutes a day. Nonsense. Real weight loss and weight control is about practical tools, combined with community support and professional help in ways that work for you. ChiQue is here to support you through the process without all the nonsense.

**With our in-clinic healthcare and weight control services we provide receipts suitable for individuals with extended health plans.

In-Clinic One-on-One Consultations with a ChiQue Healthcare Professional

Right from the beginning, a healthcare professional designs a customized In-Clinic program to suit your needs and lifestyle--your life, your triggers and your concerns, not a pre-packaged one fits-all solution. When you first come to see us, Rhonda Dorren, the founder of ChiQue Pharma, and our in-house pharmacist, completes a thorough assessment which includes:

  • defining your body type
  • gathering your medical history
  • understanding your personal challenges
  • determining the current state of your health  by consulting your health records with Alberta Health Services Netcare

Rhonda, who has spent 30 years in the healthcare and weight loss industry, is also a published author of several papers and e-books on weight loss and weight control.

In-Clinic Healthcare Service

The ChiQue Pharma In-Clinic Weight Control Program is monitored by Rhonda Dorren, who has worked in healthy lifestyles and weight management for over 30 years, reviews and monitors your overall health. Helping you lose the weight in a healthy, sustainable way is important. At ChiQue, we offer guidance, including one-on-one sessions to help you get to the issues behind your eating—some of us eat for comfort, out of habit, to relieve feelings of sadness or possibly because we are bored. At ChiQue the In-Clinic Weight Control program is designed for you and your needs

Our habits are drivers of our lives. Trying to change our patterns is challenging and without support, such changes can be overwhelming or seemingly impossible. Life and its right angles seems to constantly get in the way. The ChiQue Healthcare Service under the direction of Rhonda Dorren, Clinical Phamacist, considers the total picture of you, your lifestyle including your busy schedule and your goals.  

At ChiQue Pharma, Rhonda Dorren (Clinical Pharmacist) executes a thorough review of your current: health status,  family history, internal workings, medications and supplements, body measurements (waist-hip ratios, weight (of course), beginning BMI, physiological measurements (cholesterol, thyroid levels, etc.) and your emotional health (motivations, willingness).

All of these services are included in your ChiQue In-Clinic Weight Control membership.

Eat Your Own Food

Ordering and eating prepackaged food on an ongoing basis doesn’t work. It’s not realistic and it’s not sustainable.

Eat your own food with the guidance of your ChiQue Real Life Weight Control Plan, which provides food choices, recipes, and meal plans. Your Real Life Weight Control Plan leaves room to cook for your family, friends and yourself, at the same time. The end of watching as everyone else enjoys a normal meal while you're on the sidelines.

Aesthetic Services

Concerned about problem areas on your body? Do you struggle with fat deposits, bumpy skin, cellulite and loose skin? What about wrinkles and skin care?

At ChiQue Pharma we offer services to transform you. Services such as Sculpting, (MP)2 , Microdermabrasion and Skin Care knit together in a program designed for you and your needs. When gravity, age, skin type and lifestyle, gang up on you, these non-invasive treatments deliver solutions. 

No pain, no surgery

Even active people find, no matter how much they follow a good lifestyle, take care of themselves, exercise, jog or how many tummy crunches they do, there may be problem areas. Areas that cause grief and frustration such as stubborn fat, loose and wrinkled skin on the body, wrinkled skin on the face and neck, double chins, neck jowls and so on. Our easy, painless Sculpting and (MP)2 programs are non-invasive aesthetic treatment for loose, dimply and bumpy skin, including cellulite. The ChiQue Pharma Aesthetic Services are an ideal option for anyone with problem areas and the treatments have no recovery time. 

Our aesthetic machines contour and repair the body in problem areas and significantly improve the appearance of saggy, drooping skin, cellulite and wrinkles. These non-invasive treatments are much safer than invasive and risky surgical procedures.

ChiQue’s Professional Line of Supplements

  Made in Canada  Canadian maple leaf

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, supplements are like dietary insurance, helping to fill in any nutritional gaps in your day-to-day eating habits. Nutritional intake (diet), smoking, exercise and other lifestyle choices along with health status may not provide all the necessary nutrients such as vitamins and minerals required for the body to reach and maintain optimal health. Trying to understand and keep up with all the studies and general information on supplements and health is daunting. Examining the evidence from epidemiolgical studies on diet and health to biochemical studies on the minuscule mechanisms of disease, there are potential benefits to taking supplements. 

Applying experience and expertise in healthcare, weight management and pharmaceutical products,  Rhonda Dorren Founder, ChiQue Pharma has designed the ChiQue Pharma professional line of supplements, to help your body meet its ongoing demands.

ChiQue supplements are included in your membership.

Newsletters, Learning Workshops & Events

You've made the decision to stop the weight loss yo-yo'ing and work on a permanent, healthy weight control and management program--having as much information as possible is important.

Our Newsletters are full of useful information on weight control and healthy lifestyles. We invite you to our evening events which are fun and informational. Did you know fat cells are active? See Video. Do you want to learn how to meditate? How to effectively do relaxing movement in 15 minutes? How to dress for your weight? Join us and learn. It's also a great way to meet others on the same journey.

Safe and Support that fits you

The ChiQue Pharma Weight Loss / Weight Control Programs are considered safe and provide the recommended daily allowances for vitamins, minerals and macronutrients.

You eat your own foods in sensible portions with the guidance of the program you have selected. For In-Clinic Weight Control, One-on-one consultations help guide you.

The programs fit your lifestyle and are intended to help you learn about the food you eat, the portion sizes suitable for you and the lifestyle to support weight management.

It is an evolution to make personal transformations and lifestyle changes that you’ve been telling yourself you want to make and that you’ve tried before,.

To make change, there are several steps involved but the most difficult steps are commitment and follow through.

Transformation and lifestyle changes are a process, they take time and support is very helpfulCareful planning, setting achievable goals and taking matters step-by-step walks you right through the front-door of the new you.

We understand that a weight change journey is very personal. For some of us, buddies are helpful and supportive and, with a buddy, you are not alone. Share your journey, encouragement and support with a buddy every step of the way and you will be amazed at how much more successful you can be.

Or, if you prefer one-on-one support, meet with a Rhonda Dorren, Founder of ChiQue. 

Our programs are inclusive—

  1. In-Clinic Weight Control -We provide receipts suitable for individuals with extended health plans.
  2. At Home Weight Control