In-Clinic Healthcare Service

The ChiQue Pharma In-Clinic Weight Control Program is monitored by Rhonda Dorren, who has worked in healthy lifestyles and weight management for over 30 years, reviews and monitors your overall health. Helping you lose the weight in a healthy, sustainable way is important. At ChiQue, we offer guidance, including one-on-one sessions to help you get to the issues behind your eating—some of us eat for comfort, out of habit, to relieve feelings of sadness or possibly because we are bored. At ChiQue the In-Clinic Weight Control program is designed for you and your needs

Our habits are drivers of our lives. Trying to change our patterns is challenging and without support, such changes can be overwhelming or seemingly impossible. Life and its right angles seems to constantly get in the way. The ChiQue Healthcare Service under the direction of Rhonda Dorren, Clinical Phamacist, considers the total picture of you, your lifestyle including your busy schedule and your goals.  

At ChiQue Pharma, Rhonda Dorren (Clinical Pharmacist) executes a thorough review of your current: health status,  family history, internal workings, medications and supplements, body measurements (waist-hip ratios, weight (of course), beginning BMI, physiological measurements (cholesterol, thyroid levels, etc.) and your emotional health (motivations, willingness).

All of these services are included in your ChiQue In-Clinic Weight Control membership.