NEW -- ChiQue Pharma At Home Weight Loss Program

Are you ready to lose weight? Have you tried everything and just want to get on with it?
No time to check-in, weigh-in and attend guidance appointments?
Lose weight and get your verve back.

ChiQue Pharma has just the program for you. The ChiQue Pharma At Home Weight Loss Program gives you the core information for your journey, through weight loss, better health and verve (improved healthy energy).

Visit ChiQue Pharma Calculate Your Health to help you set your goals.


The essential tools in the ChiQue Pharma At Home Weight Loss Program include:


1. The really easy to follow ChiQue Pharma booklet created by Rhonda Dorren, Clinical Pharmacist with over 30 years’ experience in managing weight and guidance for better health:calgaryweightlossprofessionals improving image

  • ChiQue Pharma Weight Loss and Better Health Formula
  • 4 weeks of easy to follow enjoyable meal plans with regular grocery store foods
  • Content to support your health and weight loss program
  • The ChiQue Pharma Real Life Guidelines for success (we tell you what works and what doesn’t work)
  • Recipes that taste great
  • We touch base with you all the time to share great ideas and tips to optimize your journey



2. Natural Health Products (licensed with NPNs from Health Canada) to support your journey.


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"Green tea extract with antioxidants to help with weight management AND for maintenance of good health.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid to promote healthy glucose (blood sugar) metabolism and providing antioxidants.

Glucomannan creates a sense of fullness and bulk volume in the intestinal tract and helps to lower cholesterol level.


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When you call ChiQue, one of our weight loss consultants will spend a few moments introducing you to the ChiQue Pharma At Home Weight Loss Program.

Then you are on your way to losing weight without all the hassles.

It’s so easy, you will be amazed.

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