Better Confidence

Your first impression is a lasting impression

You’ve seen that person. That person who hangs their head and won’t make eye contact. At a party or social gathering, you’ve seen that person standing alone or sitting quietly observing, rather than participating. You’ve seen that person who looks awkward and uncomfortable in their own skin. You’ve seen that person, because most likely, that person has been YOU.

Better Career

Wonder how your body and your career are linked?
You just might be surprised…

Let’s face it. It’s hard enough to be taken seriously in the boardroom… you don’t want your insecurities and lack of confidence to add to your troubles. When you are uncomfortable in your own skin, it’s obvious to everyone around you. Pulling at your clothes, hiding behind your desk, afraid to speak up for fear of drawing attention to yourself. All of these lead to a perception of you that isn’t always accurate.

Recently, there has been a lot of research indicating people who are considered attractive; those with confidence, self assuredness and offer big, bright smiles, are more successful and make more money. Fair? Not really. True? You bet.

When your body is the last of your concerns, it will free up so much more headspace to concentrate on the task at hand. When you are confident in yourself and your looks, you will begin to present yourself in a fresh and new way. You’ll exemplify conviction, flare and poise. You’ll find yourself volunteering for new projects, you’ll tackle new challenges and most importantly, the powers that be will see you in the best possible light. These are all characteristics that management love and reward!

You will be taken seriously…

In this competitive world, we could all use an edge. Something to help us get noticed. Something to help us stand out from the crowd. What you present to the world reveals a lot about who you are. It shows you take care of yourself and it demonstrates the degree of detail you put into other things. You will get noticed and you will get taken seriously.

Isn’t it time for a career boost? Whether your want to tackle a specific problem area on your body through Ultrasonic Scultping, or Venus Freeze treatments or you’re after a complete new you through one of our complete programs, get the body that gives you confidence and ultimately, gets you noticed.

ChiQue will be your partner in your journey… a journey that can start today and can end in your most successful career yet!

Call us right now and set your transformation in motion.

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Better Love Life

It’s Friday night. What are you doing?
Ya, that’s what we thought.

Do you…

  • refuse to go on dates?
  • hesitate when you are meeting someone new?
  • constantly compare yourself to other people?
  • pine for someone you think will never look at you?
  • wonder what anyone will ever see in you?

Well… stop

Stop comparing yourself to others.
Stop telling yourself you aren’t good enough.
Stop wishing you’d have the courage to ask.
Stop wasting time and start living your life!

If your body image is holding you back, don’t you think it’s time you did something about it? Find out how by calling us at Calgary 587-794-4553 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Look, there is a definite connection between your body image and dating. A number of studies have shown if you make overall care for your well-being a priority, your chance of showing up on the radar of someone you want to date, improves dramatically. In fact, it’s not just about weight loss it is also about getting rid of unwanted muffin tops, love handles, saddle bags, wrinkles on the face and neck or loose skin that helps your chances in love.The fact you’ll be making significant and positive lifestyle changes completely changes your opportunties.

Let them meet the real you

Whether you’re heading out on a first date of you’re trying to catch the eye of someone you’ve known for awhile, how you feel about yourself is crucial. When you know you look good, when you look in the mirror and are happy and radiant, you’re going to feel more confident. The more confident and relaxed you are, the better you feel and that is going to translate into more dates, more social outings and simply more happiness.

Whether you want to tighten and tone a specific area with our Venus Freeze or Ultrasonic Sculpting or you want to overhaul your nutrition and relationship with food, ChiQue has been set-up for your success.

The dating game is hard enough. You deserve every advantage offered to you. And more importantly, you deserve to shine and let people see the real you. Not the insecure, unsure, self-doubting you, plagued by doubts and insecurities about their body. But the funny, engaging, interesting you!

Contact ChiQue today at Calgary 587-794-4553 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us help you infuse fun back into your Friday nights.

Better Health

We know this isn’t news…. but it bears repeating.
Taking care of your health will add years to your life. 

Let’s be honest. Weight is a tough issue. You know how important it is to manage your weight yet most of us struggle to do so. In today's world where calorie-packed food comes fast and easy, it’s simple to understand the struggle.  But, the health benefits of staying at a healthy weight are huge and ChiQue has people and programs in place to help you with that very thing.

In addition to lowering your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure – maintaining a healthy weight also lowers the risk of many different cancers, including breast, colon, kidney, pancreas and esophagus.

If you have weight to lose and you are constantly in a battle with yourself over your body, it takes it toll on every level. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally… you are suffering. And, if you are feeling the need to transform your body, it’s natural you want to transform very quickly.

For it to be successful and to really impact your life, your transformation needs to be thoughtful and planned. If weight loss is part of your transformation, healthy weight loss is important and healthy weight loss isn’t about a “fad” or “quick diet fix”.  It’s about a lifestyle and one that includes changes in your thinking, your eating, your self-talk, your activity and your overall life.

Regardless of what your transformation goal is, even modest weight loss is likely to produce significant health benefits such as:

  • Increased energy level
  • Lower your cholesterol levels
  • Reduce your blood pressure
  • Reduced aches and pains
  • Improved mobility
  • Improve your breathing
  • Help you sleep better and wake more rested
  • Prevention of angina, chest pain caused by decreased oxygen to the heart
  • Decreases your risk of sudden death from heart disease or stroke
  • Prevention of Type 2 diabetes
  • Improved blood sugar levels

From targeting specific pesky body parts to completely making over your approach to health and wellness, ChiQue will be your partner in your body evolution. You owe it to yourself to not only live your best life, but to live it for a long, long time. Give us a call today to prevent more significant and devastating consequences for your tomorrow.

Call us right now and set your transformation in motion.

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Ultimate Freedom

You deserve happiness, hope and freedom
NOW is the time!

There are so many people unhappy with their appearance in the world today. Some people have struggled with their body image and weight for years. For some, they’ve recently been introduced to a few extra pounds, a muffin-top, love-handles, saddlebags and the like, from having a baby, aging, poor diet or simply inefficient activity. Whatever you are facing, the truth is your body and possibly your weight are stopping you from living your life and they are stopping your from experiencing true freedom.

Call us today at Calgary 587-794-4553 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With the many options ChiQue has to offer, you are so close to experiencing your true freedom. From Body Sculpting (getting rid of inches, excess flab, pesky cellulite and annoying love handles), Venus Freeze (getting rid of wrinkles all over your body including your neck [plus jowls / double chin], loose skin and inches) to complete your body transformation with  programs designed exclusively for you, ChiQue will be your partner in your journey. And in the end, our goal is to help you achieve ultimate freedom.

Imagine…. your perfect world

Imagine, looking in the mirror and not obsessing about everything that is wrong.
Imagine, getting dressed and feeling nothing but happiness and joy.
Imagine, walking into a job interview with confidence and excitement.
Imagine, enjoying a dinner party with friends and not fixating on the food.
Imagine, not hiding, not averting, not shying away.


You deserve to live your life free from unnecessary burden and anxiety. You deserve a life rich in experience and adventure. You deserve happiness, joy, confidence, hope, pleasure, exhilaration and everything amazing that comes with living a life that’s truly authentic and perfect for you.

At ChiQue, we understand how limiting life can be when struggling with weight and living in a body that doesn’t appropriately serve you. Together, we can identify what you need, who you want to be and how to go about getting you the life you dream of.

Ultimate Freedom. That’s our goal and our real gift to you. You deserve to live your best life and your time in NOW!

Call now! Calgary 587-794-4553 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.