ChiQue customizes programs to help you transform and get the results that you want.

ChiQue is your place for finding answers to what could be annoying life-long problem areas or weight control issues. 

Learn about the internal workings of your body, your hormones and your metabolism.

Success in Numbers

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Now that you've made the decision to transform your body we offer some additional tools to help you on your journey.

At ChiQue Pharma we do things differently…We have gathered a community of like-minded people who are fed up with the fads… People like you who want success, non-invasive treatments that work, practical tools with the guidance of a healthcare professional who cares about them...effective action that leaves them feeling better about themselves, able to look in the mirror and like themselves, able to lose weight then keep the weight off and live healthy lifestyles.

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Most individuals understand how difficult a body transformation can be. If being part of a group or learning more will help you be more successful, be sure to come to our Evening Events. 

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ChiQue is not just another company selling diets, special recipes, or weird pills. At Calgary weight loss and weight control clinic ChiQue Pharma, we provide realistic programs without the hype of nonsense. We’ve all seen the infomercials promising big weight loss in a few days or rock-hard abs in 1-2 minutes a day. Nonsense. Real weight loss and weight control is about practical tools, combined with support and help from a healthcare professional. ChiQue is here to support you through the process without all the nonsense. Visit our HOME page to learn more.

**With our services we provide receipts suitable for individuals with extended health plans.

 We are the ideal solution for you if you’re tired of the  merry-go-round of managing your body, and constantly trying to manage your problem areas and/or lose weight.

  • Be transformed
  • Lose that stubborn weight and keep it off
  • Get rid of the problem areas
  • Finally, feel good about yourself
  • Regain your confidence and esteem
  • Make friends
  • All in a safe secure environment

Visit our PROGRAM OPTIONS page for information on our personalized Real Life Weight Control Plans.

 Our Calgary location has service solutions for people who want results… not promises.

  1. Conditions and Problem area treatment services that support you in your body transformation.
  2. Services designed to help you reach your body transformation goals.
  3. Weight Control Programs for successful weight loss and long-term weight management. Programs are based on clinical published research and clinical practice, constituting the foundation of these comprehensive programs.
  4. Healthcare Professional. To help you get the results you want, with the safest long-term results, you are guided by a healthcare professional.
  5. Support. Transformations, dealing with lifelong problem areas, weight loss, weight gain and weight control have major implications on your emotional state. Asking people to go through major transformations without support, is like partly screwing in a light bulb. Support leads to success
  6. Supplement support. Clients participating in the weight loss and weight control programs may benefit from Supplements. ChiQue Pharma Supplements have NPNs (Natural Product Numbers) from Health Canada
  7. One-on-one consultations with a ChiQue Pharma healthcare professional. Right from the beginning, you will have direct access to a licensed healthcare practitioner who will customize the program to suit your needs and lifestyle.
  8. Non-invasive Aesthetic Treatments. Are a safe alternative to surgery and help clients experience improvements in problem areas. 
  9. Evening Learning Events. Be sure not to miss our fun-filled, informative evening events. There are lots of prizes to win - just by attending.
  10. Your personalized Plan. We will customize your body transformation journey. From freezing time with (MP)2 treatments, reducing inches with Ultrasonic Scupting treatments, supporting the process with Medical Skin Care treatment the foods, quantities, meal plans etc. so you can acheive the results you’re after....including learning how different foods affect your body, about portions suitable for you, food choices that work for you (along with some incredibly delicious answers to fix those cravings).

 What should you look for in a body transformation program?

  • Commitment from the those who are in place to guide you.
  • It MUST be fun! If fun isn’t a factor in the program, you won’t enjoy it and you won’t get the benefits (a big reason why there is such a high dropout rate in aesthetic treatments, weight loss and weight control programs… they just aren’t fun)
  • Healthcare Professional. A Regulated Healthcare Professional who delivers a program designed for you.
  • Realistic programs without the hype of nonsense. Real body transformation is about practical tools, combined with support and help from a healthcare professional. ChiQue is here to support you through the process without all the nonsense.

    Check the CONDITIONS & PROGRAMS or the SERVICES pages for more information.

    How do you get on the fast track to body transformation? You speak with us one on one!
    Call us at 587-794-4553 and we can set up a time that works for you.
    If you don’t drive you can get to us by C-Train in Calgary. For more information about where we are, check the CONTACT US page

    ChiQue Pharma provides options to fit your lifestyle:

    • Non-invasive aesthetic services to deal with problem areas.
    • One-on-one support in person, through Skype or phone
    • Group sessions
    • Therapeutic guidance
    • Nutritional counseling and supplements


    Our weight loss/control programs are inclusive—your membership fee includes all support, counseling sessions and supplements. We provide receipts suitable for individuals with extended health plans.

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    Contact ChiQue Pharma for your individual assessment and lose weight the healthy sustainable way.


    We provide hope and we deliver results.