Real Stories

Fedricka D. - I have lost 30 pounds in 2 months with ChiQue

I am a typical very busy mom managing a demanding career, 2 young children, a husband and aging parents. When I started with ChiQue I had been trying to lose weight and instead, I just kept gaining more weight and I have to admit, I really didn’t know why I kept gaining more and more weight. On top of this, my blood pressure was high. The comprehensive intake sure paid off because as a result, my personalized program was all laid out for me in a way that worked for my life. All I had to do was follow it and it was easy to follow. The support program, specific lifestyle directions including meal plans with recipes and grocery lists as well as supplements, all worked in harmony and were just excellent. I was shocked at how much food I ate and yet every single week, I lost lots of weight. My schedule is so crazy busy, I haven’t been able to exercise at all over these 2 months and yet the scale is down a whopping 30 pounds, I've lost 35 inches all over my body  and my blood pressure is now normal! I travel internationally for business and everyone that sees me is amazed at how great I look. I am also really thrilled with all of the tools I have now so that I can keep this weight off and continue to lose the remainder of my weight. I couldn’t be more energized.

Annie K. - I think I’m finally getting it! I wanted to share what a great week I had.

The best part, I did well at a social event. I was at a work event with all of my co-workers and when the food was brought out, I wasn’t interested in eating the fried fatty treats. Once I might have thought I needed to fit in with the group, but this time I took a walk while my co-workers ate. And it wasn’t so tough! I’m reading everything I can get a hold of, and am taking meditation to a deeper level. I’m confident that this is going to be my way of life. Lots of exercise is helpful for me because it improves my mind along with my body. I am not a big gym person. I’m finding I really like to mix it up with exercise, so as long as there are YouTube videos (check out the Be Fit channel!), and resistance band exercises, I find it fun to do. I get to eat lots of great food and still lose weight. I’m loving the bounty from my new garden. Thank you Rhonda for your support, encouragement, and the effective solutions for getting through each day and planning for the future! Even though I have 50 more pounds to lose, I already feel like a thin person.

Craig M. - Wow, this Body Sculpting really works!

This treatment really works! I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in removing stubborn fat and loose skin. I received three sessions of the Body Sculpting Treatment at ChiQue Pharma Weight Control Clinic and am extremely pleased with the results achieved. While I am naturally sceptical, and have tried other ways to spot-reduce over the muscle fat, I can attest that the results speak for themselves.

I am a very fit 50 year old male, who has worked out hard most every day for over three decades and burns massive amounts of calories by following my passion for mountain climbing, and other outdoor fitness pursuits. In addition, I’ve always eaten a well-balanced and healthy low fat/low sugar diet. Yet even with all this hard work and discipline, while my overall body is very lean, muscular and well-toned, there was a bit of fat tissue that just refused to budge. I had a clear, challenging goal in mind: to lose the small amount of fat that has deposited itself over time over my abdominal muscles, without losing weight and overall body mass.

The treatment itself was comfortable and relaxing. After only three body sculpturing treatments, the results were clearly visible with my abdominal muscles very visible and defined. It even appears that there is a bit of a lag effect, as I have continued to notice improvements during the 2 weeks following my last treatment. Further proof of the treatment’s success was clearly documented when I underwent my complete physical about 3 weeks later and learned that my percentage of body fat has lowered from 12.1% to an astounding 7.8% while maintaining my identical body weight. My abdomen looks much more defined and is now in harmony with the rest of my body. I am looking forward to maintaining my good health and will come in for a follow-up session every six months.

Jess M. The difference between ChiQue's program and others

This is my third week on this weight loss program--I can't tell you how many others I've been on! Seems most of my adult life has been spent trying to lose weight, only to find it again:) What's been great for me on this program so far is that they take the time to educate me on weight loss and food and what happens in my body. Having Rhonda, who's a pharmacist working with me one on one has been invaluable. In our weekly sessions, she's explained to me about how sustainable weight loss occurs and why the other things I've tried haven't worked.

For the most part, the other programs I've tried don't have the depth of knowledge ChiQue does, or if they do, they're not sharing it. It's been great for me to understand the process and to be able to ask someone who knows what they're talking about, the questions I have. I'm really committed this time and having weekly support sessions has been huge--I've lost six pounds in three weeks! I know it's got to come off slowly and steadily to be lasting weight loss. I had a bad day last week and even though I didn't have an appointment, I called and was able to spend some time talking to Lisa at the front desk who talked me out of giving in--it was a stressful day and I was craving some junk food to deal with the stress. I was just so glad to have someone to talk to who understood and could explain to me why I was reacting this way.

Chantal W. Motivation just skyrocketed! - Week five

This was such a good week for me - my sister, whom I hadn't seen in awhile, called me a couple of days after we got together for Mother's Day, to tell me I was looking great and that she had noticed I had lost quite a bit of weight, she wanted to know how I'd done it. I told her how easy ChiQue's program is and how helpful the support I get from Rhonda and Grace is. A couple of days later I was at a women's writing group I belong to, and one of the women whom I hadn't seen in a couple of months, commented on my weight loss. She also told me I looked taller because of it! I've been floating on cloud 9 since.... It's one thing to see it in the mirror and to have my clothes fit so much better, but when other people start commenting on it.... I love how easy and doable the ChiQue program has been for me. Woo Hoo!

Rhonda Dorren on Update on what ChiQue’s clients are experiencing:

“I am not losing weight, I have no intention of finding it again, I am getting rid of it once and for all.”

This quote is a reflection of a mindset and a personal transformation from the frustrated position of, “I have tried lots of programs and I always gain the weight back so, what’s the point?”

Let me share with you just how easy it can be to be the thinner person you want to be.

We had a stupendous week last week at ChiQue. Some of our clients have experienced weight loss of as much as 18 pounds in just 4 weeks including our on-line clients who are losing an average of 4 pounds per week.

What is really important is these clients are finding our program stress-free, simple and easy. They are NOT starving, in fact, in each of these cases it has been the personalized modification of their own diets that has resulted in these fantastic weight loss achievements. Our clients have not lost weight through starvation or loss of lean muscle, but because their nutritional plans are modifications of foods they normally eat and continue to eat.

Not in north west Calgary or in Calgary at all? Not a problem, our on-line program delivers personalized programs and professional one-on-one consultations over the phone or by Skpe. Supplements, which are included in your membership, can be sent directly to you. ChiQue’s commitments to you is that your weight loss/weight control program fits your lifestyle so that you can continue to live your life.

Chantal W. Four  weeks in and I need new jeans! Ch. 3

I can't believe what happened to me yesterday. I was coming out of Safeway with grocery bags in both hands, and my jeans slid off my hips -- fortunately I was wearing a long coat! They were down around my thighs before I managed to grab them.... Too funny. But what a great feeling. I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn for awhile and most of my other clothes just fit better. The best thing tho is that it hasn't been that difficult. I'm not having cravings and it's not a battle anymore.

I love that I'm losing this weight just in time for summer. Thank you ChiQue!I

Chantal W. I feel much better about myself

After only two weeks on this weight loss program, I’m fitting into a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear in two years. I’m thrilled with this program. I tend to carry my extra weight around my middle and to be able to do these jeans up is great—they’re a favourite pair and I can wear them again! It’s amazing to me how much I’ve accomplished in just two weeks—I have about 15 pounds to lose still, but it’s starting to come off pretty quickly. Now when I look at the full length mirror in my bedroom, I don’t cringe…. Just a few inches have really made a difference.

It’s been a real surprise to me how easy the program has been so far. The supplements have helped with energy. I was always a nighttime eater—ate really well during the day, but I’d get bored and lonely at night. After dinner, I’d begin the nighttime binging and that’s how I put the weight on. I’d do this night after night, and I’d always promise myself I wouldn’t do it again. Really addictive behaviour. Since I’ve been on the supplements I haven’t eaten once at night and I haven’t had the cravings. ChiQue’s program has been a godsend for me.

I feel much better about myself. I’ve started putting more effort into what I wear and I’ve got a lot more energy. I haven’t weighed myself in a few days, but I can tell by how my clothes fit that the pounds and the inches are coming off.

Janice R.  My first week of ChiQue’s weight loss program

All I can say is I’m amazed! I started the program a week ago at ChiQue and although, it takes some adjusting to remember to take the supplements and to record cravings, my jeans already fit better. Was pretty skeptical at first, I’ve been down this road with other clinics and god knows, how many self-inflicted diets.

I have to say though, I haven’t been hungry and I love I can eat my own food and don’t have to go on some unrealistic food plan. It takes some planning on my part to make sure I’m healthy enough protein and getting lots of vegetables and some fruit, but I feel really healthy. My skin looks better too, already.

The other benefit that’s great is the body sculpting treatments. I love Grace, who does them! It’s like going in for a massage – honestly, I just about fall asleep. I’ve lost three inches on my upper abdomen and two inches on my lower abdomen already – after three treatments.

So far, so good!!

Sarah T. Remarkable Results!

;I couldn’t be happier with the results I received from the Sculpting Treatment at ChiQue. When I first read that they claimed the treatment would get rid of excess fat and loose skin, I was naturally skeptical. I’ve heard about similar fat removal treatments and I just wasn’t convinced that they worked.

For me, my goal was simple: I wanted to shed the stubborn 2 – 4 pounds, or an inch or two, from my lower abdominal areal. At 52 years old, I’ve been very fortunate, as I’ve never had a weight problem. My calorie intake isn’t too high, my food choices are healthy, and I’ve always maintained a consistent fitness program. Regular exercise and eating well are embedded in my daily activities. In spite of my efforts, not to mention hours on the treadmill, I just couldn’t lose that extra belly fat. So I thought I would give the body sculpting treatment at ChiQue a try.

I knew from my first treatment that I had made the right choice. The technician, Grace, was absolutely fantastic and made the whole experience a joy. I was really impressed that she began the treatment by collecting my vital stats including body weight and measurements and an explanation about the entire process. During the treatment, Grace explained the various stages of the procedure, answered all of my questions and offered a realistic picture of what I could expect.

;The treatment itself was certainly not painful or uncomfortable. The best part of the procedure was the final few minutes when Grace slowly massaged the treated area. That was an absolute dream and I was sorry when the session was over.

After only four body sculpturing treatments, the results were fantastic! I lost a few inches around my targeted abdominal area, which I know I couldn’t have accomplished on my own.It was effective, painless and solved the problem of removing that nasty excess weight. I would highly recommend ChiQue’s sculpting treatment to anyone, as it delivers results!

Tabatha M. Night Eating (midnight hunger)

I was going crazy trying to lose weight but my biggest challenge was eating at night. I was really great through the day, not eating too much and eating balanced healthy food. Often, I would even go without eating a meal and was happy to not have taken in as many calories that day. But, by night time and often just before I went to bed, I would be bored and lonely, and would develop huge cravings for comfort food. I would eat a healthy dinner and then the boredom and loneliness would set in.  I just kept eating all night long. Then, I ate the most just before I went to bed. Since I ate so much over such a short period of time and then went to bed, my body stored the food and I kept gaining fat and weight. In fact, even when the total amount of food I ate over a day was the amount of food I could eat and still lose weight, because I ate so much food at the end of the day, I just got flabbier, and flabbier.

Since joining ChiQue Pharma, I have completely stopped night eating. For me, the supplements have made a big difference, they really help with my cravings and hunger. The 21 day change program was a big help too, I am able to get ahold of myself before I eat too much. What a relief. I like the meals plans and the recipes, it is so helpful to have a plan for eating. I can’t believe how much better I feel already. My goal is to lose 35 pounds and I have already lost 15 pounds.

Susan R. Night Eating

I was a serious night time eater. It seemed like once 9:30PM arrived, there I was eating and eating. What was so frustrating was that every morning, I would say to myself, tonight I am not going eat. Then at 9:30PM I had no control. I would repeat all my eating and feel awful about it the next morning. Every single day, I repeated this. At night, the cravings would start and sometimes it felt like hunger, really, regardless of why, I tricked myself into thinking I deserved to eat. Sometimes I thought of it as a reward. I tried all the tricks, brushing my teeth, sucking on mints, making tea, going to bed and just having celery. None of these worked – ever! I was gaining more and more fat, particularly around my belly.

Since I got a ChiQue Pharma membership I have finally stopped the merry-go-round of eating-remorse-eating. I started on the supplements right away and also saw the therapist. She and I talked through the reasons I eat at night and she offered some solutions. What she said made a lot of sense and it helped me through the 21 day change program. At first, I really had to try hard to stay out of the kitchen at night but now, I have so many other tools that keep me out of the kitchen and away from eating at night, I can’t believe it used to be so hard for me. So far, I have lost 8 inches of flab around my waist. YIPPEE.

Mark P.  I Loved Sugar

I could not stop thinking about sugar until I caved in and ate it. I would actually get into my car and drive to a grocery store to satisfy my craving for sugar. All the way to the store, I would try to talk myself out of it but it never worked. Sometimes, even knowing that I was going to eat sugar helped me start to feel better. I learned that normal people (people other than me) did not completely obsess about eating something sweet. It was so embarrassing. I hid chocolate bars all over the place and was frantic if I didn’t have chocolate bars in hiding. It was insane. I had to stop the insanity. After I got a ChiQue Pharma membership, it took me a while to fess up and tell the truth. I was amazed how clearly the staff understood this and I did not feel at all embarrassed once I told them the truth.

Being honest with my therapist and the pharmacist was a big step and began my journey to recovery from the prison of sugar. It was my big secret and now, I am not struggling with this at all. Between the supplements, menu plans and my regular appointments, I have been able to put an end to the horrible cycle of living to eat sugar. I have lost 13 pounds and have 27 more to go.

Lawrence R.  It’s all about the bread

I love bread and once I start eating bread, I can’t stop. What makes eating bread even worse for me is that it makes me sleepy. I would buy a baguette for dinner and have a small amount with dinner. My wife doesn’t eat bread at all so she wouldn’t have any. Over the evening, I would continue to eat the baguette until it was all gone and frankly, I wanted another one. Bagels are worse. If I bought any more than one bagel, I would just eat keep eating them one after another and I just couldn’t stop. When I would try to eat less bread I found I couldn’t and so then I tried to cut bread out altogether. I felt like I was going through withdrawal from drugs or something. I couldn’t stop thinking about bread and felt ill.

Since I got a ChiQue Pharma membership and followed their program, I have removed this obsession from my mind. It’s hard to believe that at one time bread was such a fixation for me. I did as they suggested and found that within 2 weeks, I didn’t think about bread at all. Moreover, once I stopped eating so much bread, the weight I wanted to lose started falling off of me. I am so happy now. I have lost 20 pounds and have 10 more to go.