ChiQue Pharma Clinic is not scheduling appointments at this time as a date for reopening post COVID mandatory closure, has not been determined.

ChiQue Pharma Clinical Aesthetics is a Clinic for all genders and youth. Our goal is to ensure each and every client’s unique needs are listened to. The choices we present to clients are specific for the client. Proven Clinical Protocols are the foundation of all clients’ personalized protocols. There is no “cooker cutter” approach.

ChiQue Pharma Clinical Aesthetics’ emphasis on proven scientifically evidence to support all aesthetics treatments ensures maximum results.

Founded in 2011, ChiQue Pharma Clinical Aesthetics’ years of experience following proven clinical protocols, using state-of-the-art licensed medical devices ensures clients’ results. You can be comforted by the integrity and honesty ChiQue Pharma prides itself in treating you. From the moment you walk in until the time you leave. Home ChiQue Pharma Clinical Aesthetics is your NW Calgary go to Healthcare Professional Clinic for all your Clinical Aesthetic treatments.

ChiQue Pharma Clinic clients are treated with the safest and most advanced techniques and products to help them attain their desired results applying the latest scientific evidence using state-of-the-art revolutionary equipment and techniques, delivering personal protocols for maximum results. ChiQue’s priority is to ensure clients feel comfortable, secure and well informed about their treatments and is committed to offering an honest and personalized experience. Combining experience in both scientific research and clinical expertise, individualized treatment protocols are tailored to client’s goals and needs, applying proven Clinical Protocols.    

The safety of all ChiQuePharma Clinic’s patients is paramount. We pride ourselves on our proven Clinical Protocols. The ChiQuePharma Clinic Licensed Regulated Healthcare Professionals provide you a comfortable, safe and effective experience. Maintaining the highest standards, our staff regularly meets for quality assurance, to add value to all ChiQuePharma Clinic’s proven clinical protocols and regularly attends workshops and meetings with peers.

The safety of all ChiQuePharma Clinic’s patients is ensured by Alberta Health Services Inspections. Thus, you are further assured by ChiQuePharma Clinic adherence to all safety standards including the clinic environment, medical equipment maintenance and disinfection, supplies and staff.

We know there are a ton of products and services our there that promise the world. It’s difficult to navigate the complex world of diets, skin treatments, and body sculpting options. But don’t worry, we’ve done all this for you! After years of research and real life practice, we’ve been able to hone our treatments and provide effective packages for our clients.

You are a real person, and you deserve real results. We have thousands of case studies from people just like you who wanted to make a change in their life. There is no one size fits all. We tailor our approach to make sure you’re getting the right the right treatment and advice.